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1. New Books!
2. Bobbin Lace Manuals and Skills
3. Torchon Lace and 's Gravenmoer
4. Bedfordshire, Cluny, Schneeberger, Guipure
5. Bucks Point, Downton, Tönder, Bayeux, Beveran, Chantilly
6. Flanders, Point de Paris, Valenciennes, Mechlin, Binche
7. Springett
8. Free Laces-Honiton, Withof, Bloemwork, Duchesse, Rosaline
9. Milanese, Cantu, Hinojosa and Tape Based Lace
10. Russian Lace and Idrija
11. Annick Staes
12. Mixed Technique Pattern Books
13. Needlelace, Tatting, Filet and Tatting
14. Identification, History and Fashion
15. Vera Cockuyt
16. Free Hand Lace
17. Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti
18. Martine Bruggeman
19. Christine Merecki
20. Thread Reference Books and Charts

1. New Books
Barjac Ombrée II
A Floral Torchon Lace
Ulrike Voelcker

Bedfordshire Lace
Jean Leader
Klöppelzeichnungen verstehen
Understand Lace Drawing
Barbara Corbet
Kumiko Nakasaki

In Stock!  All new from Ulrike Voelcker this book is in English and German.  With the patterns pictured above including technical illustrations and coloured diagrams and a large folded with diagrams that would have been to large too fit in the book.
Order Today!

In Stock!  Using a series of twenty-six traditional and newly designed patterns Jean takes the students from the basics of traditional Bedfordshire through to some of the fundamental elements of florals.  Well organized and illustrated the patterns includes small motifs, edgings, handkerchiefs, butterflies and collars. Fabulous 168 page hardback.  A copious examination of how to draw and make bobbin lace techniques on grids including multiple variations on the footside, sewings, joins and crossings plus leaves and tallies, cluny bars, multiple variations on Torchon grounds and rosegrounds, Flanders grounds, snowball grounds and modern grounds.  Lastly there are grids for drawing. In stock!  This 48 page paperback has patterns that include variations on little birds, rabbits, running horses, antique style flower medaillons, paradise of mouse edging and handkerchief and additional patterns in Rosaline Perlee that include 3 collars, chokers necklace, and handkerchief.  Really, really, nice!  Get your signed copy today.

Dancing Couple
Anne-Marie Verbeke Billiet
Tier in Tull
Ulrike Voelcker
Geklöppelte Klöppel
Bobbin Lace
Barbara Corbet
Kumiko Nakazaki
Garden Dreams
Elfi Krüger