Design Aids -- Van Sciver Bobbin Lace

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Design Aids

LACE R-XP...............$199.95

Introducing Lace 8, The Definitive Lace Design Solution.

Using the latest in software innovation this new and improved lace programme provides flexibility, user-friendliness and power like never before.  Lace 8 allows you to quickly and easily create designs for almost any type of lace from Torchon to Bucks and Beds and even free lace.

The built in tools, templates, motifs and help system give you the start you need to easily produce fabulous, accurate and flexible designs.

--Smooth curved gimps
--User definable toolbars
--Colour coded layers
--New Functions and Hot Keys
--Rotate selected area, around a given point
--Scan directly to a background layer

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