English Bobbins -- Van Sciver Bobbin Lace

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Bobbins' Sub-Groups (click on link to go directly to desired spot on this page)

1. Honiton Bobbins
2. East Midland - Basic
3. East Midland - Acorn
4. East Midland - Bill Schmidt
5. East Midland - Stuart Johnson
6. East Midland - Sallie Reason
7. East Midland - Alison Tolson
8. East Midland - Matthew Hester
9. East Midland - Chris Parsons
10. East Midland - Glass
11. East Midland - Wire Lace
12. Holly Bobbins
13. Bone Fantasy

1. Honiton Bobbins
 Description Wood Price Image
Honiton - this 3 3/4" birch bobbin has a smooth finish. Polished

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2. East Midland-Basic
Description  Wood Price Image
East Midland, Wood Best Value! Choose from unfinished, polished wood or rainbow wood. Unfinished Unspangled $10.95/dz.


Rainbow Unspangled $3.00 each
Rainbow Spangled $4.25/ea.
East Midland,
Polished Beech

Silky feel, beautiful and affordable
Unspangled $1.75/ea.
$20.00 p/dz.
Cub Bobbin
This dandy little 3 3/8" bobbin is perfect for your travel pillow.  They are drilled for spangling if desired
East Midland,
Polished Lemonwood w/colored bands

Silky feel, beautiful and whimsical!
Unspangled $20.00/dz.
Spangled $34.00/dz.

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3. East Midland-Acorn
 Description Price Image 

Acorn Bobbins - Exceptional bone and ebony bobbins in assorted designs and colors including vertical beaded, wire bound, incised, carved, painted flowers and much, much more. Ask about our ebony bobbins inlaid with mother of pearl.


As with all our collector's bobbins which are individually handmade, please call before ordering for current availability and prices. Bobbins pictured are meant as a representation of the the makers work. Conversely we have many bobbins in stock that are not pictured.

$18.00 to
Acorn Miniatures - Try these on your travel pillow. Only available in bone.

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4. East Midland-Bill Schmidt
Description  Price Image
Bill Schmidt - Fancy turned, in assorted hardwoods including rosewood, bocote, coco bolo, purpleheart, tulip and more. Styles vary from bobbin to bobbin. Available in large or miniature. $10.00

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5. East Midland-Stuart Johnson (Many more styles available...Call!)
 Description Price Image
Stuart Johnson - These bobbins feature an elegant shape and superb finish. The head of this bobbin is especially efficient in securing the half hitch for fine lace threads. Represented here are some of Stuart's designs of which there are dozens. Each design is available with several different kinds of embellishment including pewter spots, wire, tinsel, and beaded spirals, mother and babes, and lanterns just to name a few. We have a good supply in stock at all times. Prices from $8.75-$22.00

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6. Sallie Reason
sold out

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7. Alison Tolson

These lovely bobbins come in bone or wood in assorted designs and colors.





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8. Matthew Hester

These bobbins feature numerous designs that are burnt into the wood and decorated with colored rhinestones

Be sure to call for currently availability.


9. Chris Parsons

These bobbins from Chris Parsons feature painted themes on ebony. Subjects are too numerous to picture here, but themes pictured from top to bottom are:
1) Panda
2) Humpty Dumpty
3) Three Little Pigs
4) Little Bo-Peep
5) Flowers.
$16.50 --

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10. Glass Bobbins (Many more styles available...Call!)
 Description Price Image
Double Mother and Babe - Two babes in a clear shank. $20.00  
Titanium Twist - Frosted multi-colored rainbow twist. $20.00  
Internal Beads - Small beads in a clear shank. $20.00  
Helter Skelter - Copper twist with tiny colored seed beads. $20.00  
Titanium Twist w/ Beads - Multi-colored twisted coil with small seed beads in clear shank. $20.00  
Potpourri - Smell scented flowers through small holes in shank. $20.00  
Hourglass - White sand trapped in a functioning hourglass. $20.00  

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11. Bobbins for Wire Lace

 Description Price Image
Wire Bobbin - A short East Midland travel bobbin adapted with an open eye hook to be used for wire lace. $2.50 each  

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12. Holly Bobbins

None currently available

13. Bone Fantasy

None currently available