Dreiecktuch Layla

An all new triangular shawl pattern from Christine Merecki

Plus 2 New Pattern Books
Spitze Kleidet 1 (Milanese Lace)
Spitze Kleidet 2 (Milanese Lace)

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Barjac Ombrée II
A Floral Torchon Lace
Ulrike Voelcker

All new from Ulrike Voelcker this book is in English and German.  With the patterns pictured above including technical illustrations and colored diagrams plus a large foldout with diagrams.

Bobbin Lace Patterns - Flowers II
Mika Toyoda

17 all new patterns from Mika Toyoda that include 6 Binche, 4 Flanders, 2 Torchon, 1 Brugge Flower Lace, 2 Bucks Point and 2 Duchesse Laces.
Designs include Clematis, Rose, Hydrangea, Snowdrops, Cameria 1, 2 and 3, Flower basket, Flora, Pansy, Little Flower, Wild Rose, Heart and Flower, Cherry Blossom, Bouquet, Medallion and Flower Basket.

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Bedfordshire Lace
Jean Leader

In Stock!

Pizzo di Cantù
Bonaglia Emanuel

Coming soon

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1. What's New! Updated September 16, 2021

2. General Information

I invite you to peruse these pages containing my broad inventory of quality bobbin lacemaking supplies by clicking on one of the areas above. With the help of the computer, I am able to update my catalogue frequently giving you the most accurate reflection of available items and their prices. However, due to fluctuations in foreign currency, prices may change without notice. If you have any questions about the items listed on these pages, please feel free to call me at (607) 277-0498. Note that my stock is expanding and changing daily, so if you don't see something you want please call or e-mail me at vsblace@twcny.rr.com. I am also available for vending at Lace Days so call or e-mail me about any event your group is planning.

If you are looking for an experienced teacher please keep me in mind! Note that I have vast experience teaching throughout North America and can give you numerous references. I teach courses at all levels in Torchon, Bedfordshire, Honiton, Bucks Point, Russian and more! I am happy to tailor workshops to suit your group's needs. Click this link to see a schedule of my 2020 Workshops & Lace Days.

3. Order Information

Over the years, I have found that the best way to select supplies involves careful consideration of the lacemaker's needs and interests, so give me the opportunity to use my 44 years of lacemaking & teaching experience combined with my knowledge of world-wide lacemaking resources to help you with your choices. When placing an order I recommend telephoning me at (607) 277-0498. However, if you are sure of your choices, please email me directly at vsblace@twcny.rr.com with your order. I will confirm your order by email including a total for your order. Payment can be made by check or money order made payable to Van Sciver Bobbin Lace. Orders are shipped the same day they are received. When ordering by email, I recommend that you print out the order form, complete it in full and then prepare an email including all pertinent information. If you order by email, be sure to check your email in the event that I have questions and to confirm your order. Additionally, an informative and illustrated printed catalogue is available by emailing me your address or calling me at:

Holly Van Sciver
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Most shipments within the USA are sent using two day priority mail service. Orders for supplies will be filled immediately and will include a free catalogue update. Please include an additional 8%
($7.50 minimum under 1 lb., $10.50 minimum over 1 lb.-$12.00 maximum) of the total order to cover postage and packaging. Orders including pillows, stands or s&h over the $12.00 will be shipped at cost.  New York State residents must add sales tax applicable to your locality (generally 7% - 8 1/2%).  Returns require preapproval.

Shipments outside the USA are sent by USPS at cost.  Please submit your order and I will quote your shipping options by USPS Express, Priority or International First Class by return email.